5 Ways To Create A Positive Team Culture

At some point most business owners find themselves having to work with others. Especially when they start scaling their business and the growth comes fast. A good team can make your job as a business owner easier.

Building a team of positive, hard-working people isn’t always easy, but it’s important because it can make or break your business. It all starts with a positive culture.

Here are five ways you can create a positive team culture:

  1. Make sure they know your vision: Don’t assume your team just knows. Communicate it clearly! Tell them exactly what “winning” looks like in your eyes and share your strategy to get there. Create long and short term goals that emphasize how the team plays into achieving them.
  2. Value your team as people, not resources: This seems obvious, but I’ve seen it happen over and over again. Think about how you would want to be treated and do that. Show people you care about them personally. Pay attention to things like work-life balance, and their overall health and wellness.
  3. Give your team responsibility: Take time to figure out what strengths your people have and use that to the team’s advantage. Accepting their contributions shows that you trust them and that is a really good way to make someone feel valued. People who feel trusted to do their work tend to give more than is required of them.
  4. Promote teamwork and relationships: Modeling good team-building skills is a great way to boost morale and increase productivity. When people like to work together they work harder.
  5. MAKE IT FUN! This is one of the more overlooked parts of building a team, in my opinion. Work doesn’t always have to be serious. You can get a lot of stuff done and still love your job. Think about doing monthly challenges, or giving non-monetary rewards, or even taking breaks to do stuff that doesn’t have to do with work. When people love their jobs they work harder and are more positive. That attitude can spread like wildfire and that’s a good thing!


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