The Cure for the Summer Mom Blues

We are days away from summer break up in here. Today I’ve got a pep talk for the mamas because I need one myself.

Ready for some truth? Sometimes summer break makes me want to cry. I love my work and I love my break from the kiddos. There. I said it.

I love my kids. I love my space. I have a lot to do. Kids do not enjoy my work like I do. They also enjoy making the most annoying sounds ever invented which is not conducive to my love of quiet time.

I’m going to tell you my secret to experiencing more joy in the summer months with my kids constantly around me and having less time to dedicate to work.


Count how many you have left.

Kids are on a timer. The day they’re born that timer starts and it ticks for around 18 years. About 5 days into motherhood I started to feel like the timer was too long. I can’t do this. It’s too hard. I need sleep and a real meal.

As soon as my kids hit 5-years-old I had a renewal in my love for being a mom. Things became a bit easier. They could put their own clothes on and buckle their car seat. Praise the Lord.

I still struggle though, you guys. I’m not the doting mom that’s always there to wipe tears and keeps band-aids in her purse. Not by a long shot. You’d find a bottle of wine before bandaids, I promise you.

So I count how many I have left of everything. Count the summers. Count the holidays. It shows us how few we get to be a part of. It puts a timeline on the things we are taking for granted.

When I realize I only have 8 summers left with my kids all at home (and maybe less that they want to be with me and not friends), it sure puts that time into perspective. Now I’m ready to be summer mom.

Make a summer bucket list with your kids. It can cost zero dollars. Kids don’t care. They want your attention.

Go do the things they want to do because your summer breaks aren’t infinite (even when it feels like it will never EVER end, nomsayin’).

Count how many are left and then make this one count.


  • Cheryl

    What a beautiful way to put things…enjoy your summer Lindsay…enjoy those kids

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