How To Increase Productivity Right Now

It seems like we’re always chasing productivity. It’s February so the resolutions and goals for 2018 feel a little further away.

We’re busy, but are we really getting things done? That’s something I ask myself when I feel like I have too much to do.

Productivity is something that can be increased, but it takes some work.



Here are 4 ways you can increase your productivity starting today:

  1. Three: Write down three things that absolutely need to be done this week. You can pick more, but I find that 3 is the sweet spot. What are the things that will be a problem if you don’t finish them?
  2. Prioritize: Put these three things in a list by priority. If something needs to be done Tuesday and the others are due Friday, Tuesday goes to the top. This helps clarify what you need to be working on right now.
  3. Pause: Ignore your email and social media inbox until you’ve worked on these three things today. Inboxes can be a huge time suck and getting to them first tends to decrease energy. Save your energy for the important things and then tackle your inbox.
  4. Timer: Set a timer and work through it, uninterrupted, on a task. After the timer is up, take a break and then repeat this. It’s shown to be much more effective working in blocks of time and taking breaks. You might have to play with how long you can work and see what’s right for you.

Now, go crush your day!




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