It’s Not You, It’s June

Does your business feel super, super slow right now? It’s not you, it’s June.

I just want to come on here and give you some encouragement if it feels like your business has come to a screeching halt!

June is notoriously slow for a lot of industries. Retail is a big one, but I have found it spreads to so many others.

I totally get it too.

It’s the start of summer. Kids are getting out of school. The weather is nicer and the vacations are planned.

Moms have a lot more to think about whether their kids are home, or in camp, or with the nanny.

People just aren’t thinking about buying, especially if it’s a product they need to learn something about first.

Keep pushing through.

June is almost over and you’re going to make it.

Maybe you’re the Mom with too many things to think about and you aren’t able to focus as much on your business. I get you.

I want to encourage you because I know you’re doing the best you can.

We all are!

When business is slow there are a ton of other things you can focus on too.

Maybe you haven’t sat down to read a book in 8 years. Or you really want to learn a little bit more about Instagram.

Take some photos for your social media and edit them in batches. Send out those postcards to your customers. The ones that have been sitting on your desk for months.

Watch TED Talks. Listen to audiobooks. Listen to the Boss Up! podcast! 

Go on a date with your spouse or partner. Have fun in the pool with your kids. Get you a massage.

It’s up to you! I find that just doing something versus nothing makes me feel a lot better.


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  • Susan Fitch

    Great advice!

  • Deanna

    Thank you I needed to hear this :). Missed seeing you this year at convention. I appreciate your blog

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