Reading All the Fiction

I recently found myself in a non-fiction reading rut.

Don’t get me wrong, I really love reading business, memoirs, self-help, and spiritual-themed books. I love it so much I realized I had neglected to pick up a book for pure entertainment in months.

So I asked the internet for some advice on books they loved and set off to make them mine. The internet always delivers.

Many told me I should just join the Book of the Month Club. Which is a monthly box service (like the cosmetics boxes) only you get to choose your hardcover book and it’s only $10. Don’t mind if I do.

I even got 3 this month for the total of $10. Score.

Here are a few of the books on my shelf in case you’re also in need of some entertainment reading recommendations.

Little Fires Everywhere

I’m half way through this book and I love it. Love the writing style.


The Identicals

This was recommended to me no less than 6 times by the wise internet so I picked it up in my BOTM club order

The Animators

I haven’t started this one but the writeup about it was interesting. Gonna give it a go.


A Man Called Ove

I give this one all the stars it was really good. I’m told there is a movie on Amazon based on the book. Can’t wait to watch it.

Happy reading, my friends. Even if it’s just for fun!



  • Michele

    Loved reading this but sucks that this book subscription isnt available anywhere but USA

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