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Recently, I was sent an email with a few questions from Young Living to answer about my business. I’m humbled to be asked but also excited to tell our story. I hope it’s inspiring to know that it can be done. Success is possible…it’s all about hustle. Check the interview here:

Lindsay Teague Moreno: A Personal Chat

Lindsay Teague Moreno Royal Crown Diamond

I really, honestly, and truly believe that anyone can make this business their business if you work with a combination of heart and hustle. If you’re willing to do any job asked of you, you can have it all.

We’re reading the book QBQ! by John G. Miller right now in our book club and it’s all about personal accountability and eliminating blame, victim thinking, complaining and procrastination. If you’re willing to take your success into your own hands, you will succeed. It might not be on your time table, but it will happen. Would you say 10 years of work is worth a life without debt, 9-5 hours, missing your kids’ milestones, the ability to drop everything and go anywhere whenever you feel like it?

I’d say it is. So if it takes you 2 years, great. If it takes you 10, that’s great, too. You’re right on time to create your own future.

Refuse to fail.

Lindsay Teague Moreno

  • Chivonne Graff

    Awesome interview! So well articulated, as always – and gets me fueled up!

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